The Club


SWAG is an urban movement in Ibiza that represents versatile and outspoken people. We offer a mix of different kinds of urban music combining the best Hip Hop beats, Latin, Raeggaton, Trap or whatever we want. Our movement embraces all kind of crowds that want to experience the latest urban hits. Our fashion style includes heels, kicks, caps, tees, high couture… dress to impress!


ibiza summer season


Swag is the reference point for urban music in Ibiza. We have a roster of talented DJs and A-list guest DJs with the skills to represent Swag’s unique musical ethos. Our live performers are the best representatives of our culture and movement. Swag is guaranteed to satisfy all multi-genre music lovers.

The club works with international promoters and brands within the urban music movement. Swag also has an in-house production team that produces international touring events for the Swag brand.

We are the first urban music club in ibiza